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Our Approach

Reubiks is ideal for the innovative founder

Reubiks supports young entrepreneurs who explore new frontiers and creates lasting relationships with them. Through the Reubiks Incubation Campaign, we have incubated many new projects and in return, have provided us with great returns for our investments. These benefits go towards helping Reubiks establish itself as a reliable brand but more importantly as a pillar of trust among our different projects.
Global Reach

Long-established ties with other incubators help Reubiks acquire early access opportunities

Blockchain, and Metaverse projects can be hard to come by, especially if a particular organization is interested in early access opportunities in this field. As such, Reubiks has established many strong ties with other venture capital firms, incubators, decentralized exchanges to gain access to such opportunities. These ties enable Reubiks to have a truly global reach and will assist Reubiks to become a truly sustainable venture capital company.


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